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Professional References

"My husband and I are both veterinarians, and first-time practice owners; we are purchasing an existing practice in Texas. We met Janice Cox through a mutual friend who recommended her to us. Owning a practice for the first time is what we call the "leap of faith." It is scary!

"There are a number of key things that we have learned through this process. First of all, business deals do not hold regular business hours. The emotionally taxing negotiations, loan processes, and transition work requires around the clock attention. When Janice takes on your project, she invests herself completely to the task. This encompasses everything from help with the business plan, to counsel on negotiating with the seller, to staff training. Secondly, having a good business deal succeed is all about who you know. Having a good team, that also works days, nights, and weekends, is key. Janice put us in touch with an amazing team that continues to give us solid advice around the clock. Her contacts alone are worth her fee. Lastly, getting through a business deal requires emotional investment. There are ups and downs in this process, and having a good unbiased ear is paramount in making good decisions. Janice Cox is the most important person that we have met throughout our journey of becoming practice owners. She introduced us to a team of giants, who can handle anything. She has made herself available to us at all hours of the day and night to help guide and counsel us through the most challenging decisions. She has laughed with us, cried with us, and hopefully will celebrate with us, when we take over the keys to our new hospital. As we move into a new chapter in our lives, we have not only gained a business partner, but a dear friend. Thank you Janice! You are truly a master at what you do!"

 -- Dr. Jackie Chow & Dr. Dustin Zimmer

 “Janice has done an amazing job working with us as a consultant for our veterinary clinic.  She is extremely professional, detail-orientated, and thorough.  Janice has given us great recommendations and ideas to create a more successful veterinary clinic.  She has been a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her to any veterinarian in need of management and business consulting.”

 -- Dr. Cody Laas, Aspenwood Animal Hospital – Practice Start Up

"Janice may best be described as a Jack-of-All-Trades in the veterinary practice planning/management industry. Her broad experience as a referral hospital practice manager and as an advisor to an architectural-construction firm specializing in veterinary hospitals gives her a unique inside-outside view of the practical aspects of planning and building a veterinary practice, and the more intangible aspects of staffing and running a hospital and staff support." 

-- Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo, The Animal Center for Wellness

"I have known Janice for several years now, as we served together on the Foothills Animal Foundation Board of Directors (formerly the Table Mountain Animal Center Foundation) and through our networking during my employment with the American Animal Hospital Association. Janice has always presented herself in a very professional manner, whether working on a volunteer basis or in a business transaction. She responds to requests for assistance in a timely manner and maintains a high level of confidentiality with her clients. Associates of ours have also commented on her previous work as a veterinary practice administrator, lending further credentials to her capability of providing you with a high quality of veterinary practice consultation services."  

-- Diane Lopez, Foothills Animal Foundation Board Member

"I had the pleasure of working with Janice on several veterinary projects. Her knowledge of the veterinary industry is very vast and she is always furthering her education in the veterinary industry. She has a strong library of knowledge in the fields of Veterinary Practice, Construction and Architectural design. This combined skillet allows her to seamlessly flow through problem solving in practice management. I would recommend Janice to anyone seeking Practice Management Consultation." 

-- Jami Mohlenkamp, Oz Architecture

veterinary facility planning

"I had the pleasure of working with Janice in architectural design of veterinary hospitals. She was a key source of valuable insight into the veterinary world and was instrumental in the success of our company growing in this field. I would recommend Janice if you are interested in learning more about growth and management in the veterinary industry." 

-- Joe Wicentowich, Sholar Architecture