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Colorado Veterinary Medical Association

Focus: Facility Needs

Facility Needs Planning


  • Facility Feasibility Remodel/New
  • Construction
  • Facility Efficiency Study
  • Preliminary Review & Planning
  • Remodel & New Construction
  • Facilitation
  • Location Analysis
  • Lender Assistance

Not all practices work the same way because all practice owners have their own style that makes their practice work. Nor are all boarding and/or day care facilities the same. You shouldn't be expected to conform to a "cookie-cutter" floor plan or communicate on your own with others who haven't worked in the management and administration of a practice and its facility.

Your clients trust you and when it comes to your facility you need someone you can trust to look out for your specific needs. You must be able to fulfill your obligations and responsibilities to your clients, patients and staff through efficiency and good fiscal management.

Rushing through design or making facility changes can cause a slowdown in the process. This ultimately costs you time and time is money - your money. Our job is look out for your best interest during the process.

Take advantage of our direct practice management experience by contacting us today to get started on your facility assessment and to develop a cost effective approach that works specifically for you.

Veterinarian Facility Needs